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Our team of skilled archaeologists are equipped to carry out archaeological work from full-blown impact assessments to heritage management planning. We are able to cater to your needs and guide you through the necessary work at every step of the way.


Our company’s foremost service, an Archaeological Impact Assessment is a requirement for any site development which have been determined to have high archaeological potential, such as those in cultural heritage zones and protected areas. This employs a systematic archaeological excavation of the site geared towards the formulation of sound recommendations, through a highly technical report, for the National Museum to consider before releasing the required clearance certificate to the developers.
Our team will secure the necessary permits and perform pre-excavation assessments such as planning and thorough review of any pertinent literature related to the site. Excavation shall follow set international standards and shall be done by opening excavation pits, initially of 2m x 2m to 4m x 4m in strategic locations within the property. We will provide a technical report, based on the analyzed finds and results of the excavation and will facilitate the processing and release of the clearance certificate to the proponent.



Culture Heritage Management is dedicated to the preservation and representation of past cultural heritage. A+H offers cultural heritage management planning services which can be tailored to any project to address your needs. Our work involves comprehensive research and cultural mapping, among others. These shall be the bases of recommendations on how to manage cultural heritage in archaeological sites without inhibiting development.



A+H provides curation services of archaeological materials. It is a complement to our AIA services but we welcome other archaeological projects requiring expertise in Philippine archaeology including but not limited to archaeobotany, bioarchaeology, zooarchaeology, and pottery. We provide exhibition design solutions from conceptualization to production and installation. We can customize our services depending on your needs. In A+H, we believe that there is a lot to learn from the past and we hope to share that knowledge to the public through effective exhibitions which not only entertain but inform as well.

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